The more we trust God, the more freedom we will experience in our lives.

Saul becomes increasingly desperate to get rid of David. He is watching this young man succeed in everything he does and it terrifies him. However, an opportunity arises.

Saul’s daughter Michal loves David. And it’s clear that David has feelings for her as well. Saul plans to use David’s feelings against him and kill him in the process.

In this ancient context there was a bride-price associated with marriage. This was a sort of fee the man would pay to the woman’s family in order to marry her, like a reverse dowry. Furthermore, the price was usually set by the status of the woman’s family. This is why David feels Michal is out of reach for him since he is “only a poor man and little known.”

This is where Saul originates his plan. Instead of a monetary gift, he asks David to kill one hundred Philistines for him. To a normal man, this would have certainly meant death. But the Lord was with David, and he didn’t only fulfill Saul’s tall order – he doubled it, killing two hundred Philistines!

Saul saw David’s victory and gave Michal to him as promised. The opportunity he thought would solve his problem only worked to add to his fears.

As servants of God we are undoubtedly going to face trials. People are going to want to watch us fall and cause us to get angry at God on the way down. However, we serve the same God as David.

I can’t tell you that you will be protected from everything because life doesn’t work like that (and growth does not come that way). What I can do is encourage you to live like David.

David set out against the Philistines without an ounce of doubt that he would be successful. It never crossed his mind that if God told him to do something, it might not be possible. How incredible could our journeys be if we believe in the same way?

What if we took God at His word and acted before we had all the details or covered all the bases? What would our lives look like if they were completely directed by the grace and power of God?

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