Compassionate Jesus


All of us have been through trials that left us feeling like we’ve been stripped bare. At times our prayers are nothing more than weak whispers of, “I love you.” Jesus doesn’t reject us when the storms of life leave us exhausted. He doesn’t shake his head in disappointment when our eyes of faith won’t focus. Instead, with matchless compassion, he climbs into the boat to be with us.

When you’re in the midst of the storm and can scarcely turn your heart to the Lord, but do so anyway, he sees. With tenderness he rushes to your side, wraps himself around you, and becomes your strength. He creates hope out of hopelessness and stills the storm. With patience he breathes faith into your heart until you can see clearly once again. His love lifts you above the storm in a hurricane of grace. Victory becomes your song.

Jesus, all I can do is sit and wait for you in total dependence. I feel you here, breathing hope and igniting faith. I will not yield to despair. Instead, as you hold me in your arms, this storm will become a foundation for us to dance upon. With every breath, I will praise you.

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