God Hears

The children of Israel were in a horrible spot. They were being mistreated, facing injustice, and in bondage to the Egyptian government. These people cried out from the depth of their hearts: “God help us; don’t You see what’s happening to us?”

Have you cried out that way to the Lord?

God could have snapped His fingers and opened the borders. He could have created an army out of nothing. He could have sent angels to rescue His people. He could have answered in so many ways, but instead of an instant miracle answer, God goes into the desert and finds an old man who’s eighty years old and calls him to rescue His people!

The point is, God has heard the cry of His people—He has not ignored it. Even though the people have not seen the answer yet, God is already working out His answer to rescue them.

There is an important lesson for us in this story. Due to our inclinations for instant gratification—instant answers—we often think our prayers are falling on deaf ears. Instead of being persistent in prayer and having faith, we throw our arms up and say, “What’s the use!”

We need to understand that, as God’s children, He does instantly hear our prayers. He is fully aware of our situation and our heart’s cry. Sometimes His answer is yes, no, or wait.

Cathey Lynn

God wants you and me to keep praying with a heart of faith. He will not withhold any good thing from His children, but He will do what is in our best interest, and sometimes that is not what we think is best. We need to have faith that God will do what is best for us—whatever that may be.

Cathey Lynn

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