A Godly Man Leads


July 23, 2017

A Godly Man Leads

A husband is called to lead his wife. Though this is an unpopular statement in this day and in this culture, it is one that Christians must affirm. Male headship is taught so clearly in Scripture that to deny it leaves us prone to fall into any number of other radically false teachings. If we can read the Bible and walk away denying male headship, we can walk away denying any doctrine that offends our sensibilities.

The godly husband is to lead his family. You are to lead your family. Though some may assume that this is a kind of leadership that depends on fear and dominance, the Bible teaches something very different. When speaking of male headship, the Bible gives us the ultimate example of ultimate leadership. “For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior” (Ephesians 5:23). The husband is to be head of his wife in the same way that Christ is head of his church. Christ loved the church so much that he counted it as more precious than his own life. He gave up his own life so that she might live. If you wish to lead your family in a way that is faithful to Scripture, you will study the way Christ loved the church and you will seek to imitate your Savior.

There are different areas or levels of leadership within the family structure. The wife leads areas of the family and older children may assume leadership in some areas. In a household that includes in-laws or non-family members there may be more levels of leadership even than that. But as husband you are the leader of leaders. You are responsible for overall direction, vision, leadership of the family. The buck stops with you. We see this, for example, in 1 Timothy 3:12 where we find among the qualifications for a deacon that he must manage his children and his household well. He manages well by leading well.

This is more a responsibility than it is a privilege (see Matthew 20:26-28). This is an opportunity for you to serve your family through godly, servant leadership. As the leader of the leaders you ensure that others are leading as they should, that they are leading only in the areas they should. You will find humble and dignified ways of ensuring that others are leading well and that they are doing what they should as they should.



3 thoughts on “A Godly Man Leads

  1. Male headship is taught so clearly in Scripture that to deny it leaves us prone to fall into any number of other radically false teachings …
    Male Headship is taught to a first century culture in the Scriptures in ancient Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and the rest of the Roman-Controlled world that already believed that men had authority as they were a patriarchy … they already had male headship, but of a less Biblical kind. Their society tended to segregate the genders – even in their very homes. Some rooms were designed just for women – these were in the deepest layers of the house and the furthest from the road and considered private. The men’s rooms were often public rooms that were by the road. Roman houses were literally designed with the center room being a man’s office which had views of the whole house – it was where he reigned and conducted business.
    The male headship they believed in viewed women as inferiors. Aristotle said that women were ‘defective men’ who ‘had the faculty to think’ but ‘lacked authority’; whereas young sons ‘had the faculty to think’ but ‘lacked maturity’ and slaves were two kinds, some lacked the faculty to think for themselves and that’s why they were slaves, but some were born to be free and had the faculty to think and were only slaves by circumstance and not by their nature – Aristotle wrote about it at great length in his book Politics ( http://classics.mit.edu/Aristotle/politics.1.one.html ) where he said that a husband’s rule over his children was royal and his wife was constitutional – which usually implies taking turns of leadership but not in this case because the inequality between men and women is permanent.
    The Bible’s Male headship restored the equality of women. Which would create a true constitutional rule of taking turns – which is why women like Phoebe and Junia are remembered as being among the leadership of the church and why Priscilla and Aquila together taught Apollos. Later Clement and Grapte were co-teachers of the church. The early church recognized the leadership role of women in the form of the Order of the Widows; it’s a shame the modern church – the one built on the concept of complementarianism – has denied the need for a body of women leaders to complement the leadership style of men who can’t go it alone.

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    1. I agree to a certain extent on modern Christianity, but women should not be preachers as it states in the bible..
      The Word of God proclaims, “A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent” (1 Timothy 2:11–12). In the church, God assigns different roles to men and women. This is a result of the way mankind was created and the way in which sin entered the world (1 Timothy 2:13–14). God, through the apostle Paul, restricts women from serving in roles of teaching and/or having spiritual authority over men. This precludes women from serving as pastors over men, which definitely includes preaching to them, teaching them publicly, and exercising spiritual authority over them.


      1. Aristotle wrote that “Silence is a woman’s glory.”
        What you’re saying is not that different from what the ancient world believed – only with God’s stamp of approval over some pantheon of gods.
        So much for being counter-cultural.

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